Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese

shredded chipotle chicken, with macaroni pasta, cheese sauce & crispy onions.


TRIM per portion
Cals (kCal) 485
Protein (g) 44
Carbs (g) 43
Fat (g) 15
BALANCE per portion
Cals (kCal) 588
Protein (g) 44
Carbs (g) 58
Fat (g) 20
BUILD per portion
Cals (kCal) 711
Protein (g) 55
Carbs (g) 71
Fat (g) 22

 Ingredients (allergens shown in Bold)

Chicken breast, macaroni pasta (gluten/wheat), butternut squash, milk, low fat cream (milk), cheddar cheese (milk) chipotle sauce (egg, mustard), crispy onion (wheat) chives, parsley, salt, pepper, oil.

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